How it All Works

CASE OF ADVENTURE - Countries for Kids - How it all works

Traveling to a different place is one of the most exciting things you can do! It’s scary and adventurous, new and unknown, challenging and wonderful all at the same time. It stretches you, broadens your horizons, gives you a fresh perspective and recharges your creative energy. To be able to explore our world is an amazing gift!

Have you ever felt like there is something missing when you use a unit study to learn about a foreign country? You don’t get to experience what its really like to live there or what the people and culture are all about. You may learn about the landmarks and tourist attractions; you may study its geography, flag and language, but it can be rather dry!

Cuckoo Clock Secrets in Switzerland - CASE OF ADVENTURE

CASE OF ADVENTURE  country studies are centered around a LIVING BOOK to encourage your students to find what interests them and study it further. There are activities to keep the kinesthetic learners engaged and a lapbook for the visual learners. As you read the book, you get to ‘travel’ to Switzerland with the Gray family, ‘meet’ the people, ‘see’ the place through their eyes, ‘taste’ the food and experience things with them. As a bonus, you get to solve a mystery along the way. CASE OF ADVENTURE provides you with all you could ever need for the most exciting virtual travel experience with your family.

Destination Switzerland Lapbook - CASE OF ADVENTURE


STEP 1 – Buy the SWITZERLAND NOVEL from or via our online store – Cuckoo Clock Secrets in Switzerland by Karyn Collett (available as a paperback or a kindle). The book is the core of the Switzerland study. You read one chapter each day and follow the Gray family’s adventures as they travel around Switzerland and then complete the mission clues at the end of each chapter. Charlotte Mason homeschoolers, use this living book as a springboard for your students to delve into a study of Switzerland – of its unique history, its cuisine, its animals and its countryside.

CASE OF ADVENTURE - Countries for Kids - How it all works

STEP 2 – Buy the DESTINATION SWITZERLAND ACTIVITY PACK which contains 60 pages of printables, activities and a teacher’s guide with lesson plans to go with each the 12 chapters of the book. Your children will be able to mark your position on the Switzerland map using our Swiss map markers as you travel through Switzerland together, collect visa and passport stamps in their passports, get their Swiss Rail passes and bus tickets punched, use their Swiss Francs to pay for food and museum visits, learn songs about Switzerland and help you cook up some Swiss cuisine. They will become Discovery Agents, pin on their badges, study the briefing pack and solve their mission clues! They will also watch the videos on this website that go along with each chapter of the book!

Destination Switzerland Lapbook - CASE OF ADVENTURE

STEP 3 – Buy the DESTINATION SWITZERLAND LAPBOOK. For students age 8 and up who love lapbooking, deepen your study of Switzerland with the Switzerland lapbook! With 20 mini books, this beautiful full-color lapbook covers everything from traditional Swiss food, cheese and chocolate to Heidi, William Tell, Einstein, the Matterhorn disaster, the climate and major Swiss cities. Suggestions are given as to which mini books to complete with each chapter of the book. There is a tutorial on this website which illustrates how to create and build the lapbook.

STEP 4 – Download, print, assemble and begin your adventure!

The 30 page teacher’s guide explains everything in full, chapter by chapter – day by day. Jump on board and come discover a world of adventure with us.


CASE OF ADVENTURE - Countries for Kids - How it all works