Destination Scotland Activity Pack (Downloadable)

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Complementing the Clash of Swords in Scotland read aloud book is the DESTINATION SCOTLAND ActivIty Pack.


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To enhance your experience, add the DESTINATION SCOTLAND Activity Pack!.
The Activity Pack contains 100 pages of printables, activities and a teacher’s guide with lesson plans to go with each the 14 chapters of the book.

There are videos and links from the web that are all accessed from one central place on the CASE OF ADVENTURE website that go along with each chapter of the book!

  • Knight’s Gold Game
  • City Tour Map Activities for Glasgow and Edinburgh
  • Knight’s Tournament Game
  • Scottish money
  • Clue cards to solve using secret codes
  • Mazes and puzzles
  • Recipe cards
  • Songs and poem to learn
  • Postcards and Paper dolls
  • Maps and Flags
  • Visa and passport stamp
  • Google Earth Landmark hunt
  • Secret Caves Activity
  • Map markers
  • Notebooking page
  • Castle treasure map
  • Coloring pages
  • and more!

Your children will be able to mark your position on the Scotland map using our Scottish map markers as you travel through Scotland together, collect visa and passport stamps in their passports, get their Scotland Rail passes and bus tickets, make travel wallets and use their Pounds to pay for food and museum visits, use Google Earth to find landmarks, explore Wemyss Caves and St. Andrews Castle mine tunnels, learn songs about Scotland and help you cook up some Scotch cuisine. There are Europe maps, world maps, crossword puzzles, postcards to send and other fun activities included.

As International Discovery Agents, your children will choose code names, pin on their badges, make fingerprint cards, study the briefing pack and use secret codes, cipher wheels, morse code and the phonetic alphabet to solve clues and complete their mission!

Intended for ages 7-13 years but can be enjoyed by all ages.