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DESTINATION SWITZERLAND – Our new all-in-one version including the activities, lapbook and teachers guide!

* The Novel, Cuckoo Clock Secrets in Switzerland is not provided and should be purchased separately.

Switzerland for Kids – A comprehensive study of Switzerland presented in the most fun way ever! You’ll feel as if you’ve really been there!

As International Discovery Agents, your children choose code names, pin on their badges, make fingerprint cards and solve clues using secret codes, cipher wheels and morse code to complete their mission in Switzerland!

Mark your position on the Switzerland map using the Swiss map markers, collect visa and passport stamps in their passports, get their Swiss Rail passes and bus tickets punched, make travel wallets and use their Swiss Francs to pay for food and museum visits, learn songs about Switzerland and  cook up some Swiss cuisine. There are Europe maps, world maps, crossword puzzles, postcards to send and many other fun activities included.

Intended for ages 6-12 years but can be enjoyed by all ages.

With 20 minibooks, the lapbook section of Destination Switzerland covers everything from traditional Swiss food, cheese and chocolate to Heidi, William Tell, Einstein, the Matterhorn disaster, the climate and major Swiss cities. You will learn about the Swiss flag, the four languages spoken in Switzerland as well as Swiss traditional dress and musical instruments. One of the most exciting mini books covers Switzerland in World War II and helps your student learn about secret cannons and hidden bunkers.

The mini books use beautiful photos to give you a true picture of the country. Your child will have the option to use the text provided or to write their own and to work through the lapbook at their own pace. Suggestions are given as to which mini books to complete with each chapter of the book. There is a tutorial on this website which illustrates how to create and build the lapbook.


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