ITALY ADVENTURE digital, 86 pages incl story, downloadable PDF


ITALY ADVENTURE – a fun 90 page Kids Adventure Book including “Olive Oil Operation in Italy” – a 5 chapter story!

You will have tons of fun exploring the country with REN, ROME and ILARIO!

What do Ren and Rome discover about the strange olive oil bottles in a restaurant in Milan? Where does Ilario, the son of a Venetian Gondolier take them to, to solve the mystery? What cheese do you eat with maggots in it? What happens in the catacombs in Rome? What kind of unusual vending machine do they discover? What is hidden in the painting of the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci? What is the Trevi fountain in Milan filled with?​ Find out the answers to all these questions in Italy Adventure.

Italy Adventure includes a 35 page adventure story which takes place in five cities in Italy. There are also activity pages, puzzles, clues to solve, maps, crafts, and Italian cuisine recipes. A complete adventure in Italy for your 7 to 12 year old!

“CIAO and HELLO friends from around the world! I am Ilario and I live in Venice, Italy. My father is a gondolier and I too am learning the skill. I love to float on the Venice Canals, see all the historic places and think about all that has happened here in the past! Welcome to my country! I will enjoy showing you around our beautiful city.

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