ROMANIA ADVENTURE digital, 50 pages incl short story, downloadable PDF


Join Rozalia as she shows you around Romania in this wonderful book which includes the story ROYAL RENDEZVOUS IN ROMANIA. There’s so much to learn and explore about the fascinating country.
Romania is a country in Europe and is actually halfway between the North Pole and the equator. It is full of color, flowers and traditions. There are small farming communities and exciting places to explore like Dracula’s castle! In Romania, you can explore bat caves by torch light or go for a swim in a volcano crater lake! Grab your Passport and let’s hit the road!

Welcome to my beautiful country – Romania. Our land is full of color, flowers and traditions. My name is Rozalia (Row-zah-lih-a) and I’m delighted you have come for a visit!I love making new friends and I can’t wait to show you around!

STORY EXCERPT “Mom and I helped to clean up, after which we gathered in what was called the music room. The walls were covered with shelves of music books and CDs. Violins hung from the walls, and cozy woolen rugs were spread on the floor. There was a small piano and a couple of benches with embroidered blankets on them. Marku played some folk music on his violin, while he and Sofia took turns singing loud and fun melodies and doing little dance steps in between. It was fascinating to watch. Sofia had a scarf tied around her head which bobbed about while she danced and sang the poetic folk songs.”

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