Case of Adventure - Destination Switzerland


WHAT IS THE CASE OF ADVENTURE? And what is inside it?

Find out by listening to this audio clip of Karyn reading the Introduction to “Cuckoo Clock Secrets in Switzerland“.

Ren, Rome, Jake, Libby and Tiffany discover a crumbling old suitcase in their Granddads workshop. Inside the case are countless treasures collected in times past from all over the world which unlock mysteries of history and lead them into adventure.


The room was long; about six feet longer than it would have been if the building plans had been read correctly. It was the most fascinating room the children had ever been in. Not one inch of space was occupied by ordinary things.

Wooden shelves, drawers, tables and other unusual wooden structures lined the walls and a hundred different containers filled every available space. There were crates, buckets and bottles filled with unusual things like bird’s nests, bottle tops, bolts, screws, nails, corks and wires. Ropes were dangling from the ceiling and wire connectors with crocodile teeth were draped over hooks.

There were tiny jars of different colored desert sand and collections of everything from marbles to old trophies, dice and test tubes with rubber stoppers. There was colorful Scooby-doo wire resting on wooden stands and an array of formidable tools hanging precariously from the walls. On the floor stood a couple of go-carts and contraptions on wheels that were good for racing down slopes at high speeds.

The room held two tall bookshelves filled to bursting with mysterious glass bottles of every shape and size, some transparent and some translucent, with intriguing words like “Chamberlain’s Peppermint Cure” and “Dr Keeson’s Essence of Life” etched into their sides.

On the other side of the room, on a large table, were the makings of a miniature electric train set, surrounded by its circuitry with signals and lightbulbs that flashed on and off. The little train sat ready on one end of the track while tiny painted people, houses and trees were attractively displayed over the rest of the board.

This room was the workshop and hobby center of the Gray children’s grandfather. He had built up his collections over the years and many of the treasures in the room had been passed down to him from his parents and from their parents before them.

There were items that he had collected on his travels, and during his many exploits. The test tubes were from a stay in hospital, the glass bottles had been dug up during outings to the local dump, and the medals and trophies had been awarded to him for taking part in running and cycling races.

Granddad had plenty of science equipment and unusual chemicals stashed in his workshop.  The children were always in suspense, wondering what he would get up to next. He could make a miniature volcano erupt with orange ash. He could ignite a test tube filled with sugar and chemicals and they would watch it froth and turn black. He could suspend a heavy weight from a piece of copper wire wrapped around a block of ice, and then watch it slowly pull through the ice with the cleft resealing as if nothing had passed through it at all.

The children spent hours exploring and creating things in Granddad’s workshop, and sometimes when they least expected it; they would find themselves right in the middle of an adventure.

Hidden in a crowded corner of the long room was the most fascinating and enticing box of all – an ancient brown suitcase which was falling apart at the corners.

When you clicked open the clips, the whole case shuddered as if it would crumble into dust at any moment. When you lifted the lid, you saw wonderful old trinkets and treasures that shouted “mystery” at you. In that suitcase, the children discovered ancient maps and books, fascinating charts, tickets from all over the world in various languages; photographs, coins and notes in different currencies, old stamp collections, badges and silver spoons along with beautiful lace gloves, ladies purses and jewelry; and each one had its own story.

Digging out one treasure at a time, the children were transported to the faraway land it had come from and the story it told.

They named that old suitcase:



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