Cuckoo Clock Secrets in Switzerland

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“There was a cracking noise and the crumbling of mortar. Rome put his Swiss army knife to work and carefully ran it around the edge of the stone, scraping away the plaster. He signalled to Ren, who pulled harder. Suddenly the whole stone came away from the wall. Together, they slid it out and gazed at the gaping hole that was left behind.”

Ren discovers a brass weight inside the Case of Adventure which leads to a clue inside a cuckoo clock, a Swiss clockmaker’s mystery and an ancient treasure!

This engaging living book touches on church history during the time of the reformation and takes its readers on a tour of Switzerland while solving the mystery of the Cuckoo Clock.

Bring to life your study of history, geography, culture and foreign lands with living books and virtual travel! Not only do your children get to explore and learn about Switzerland through an exciting living book “Cuckoo Clock Secrets in Switzerland” that takes you on a tour of the country; but they join in as Discovery Agents whose job it is to dig up facts, solve mission clues and take part in an intriguing adventure!

Travel with Serenity, Rome, Jake, Libby and Tiffany as they discover an ancient coin and a mystery connected with a cuckoo clock which takes them to the beautiful land of Switzerland. In their quest to solve the puzzle they unearth some fascinating history and recover a lost fortune!

Charlotte Mason and classical style homeschoolers, while I would never presume to be able to write a book comparable to those by the great living book writers of the past – with their wonderful language skills and ability to bring scenes to life in your mind, LIVING BOOK is still a good way to describe a book where you learn about a country through the experience of someone who went there.

Use this living book as a springboard for your students to delve into a study of Switzerland – of its unique history, its cuisine, its animals and its countryside. Complete the mission clues at the end of each chapter and experience this wonderful country with your family as you read.

Cuckoo Clock Secrets in Switzerland, is book 1 in the CASE OF ADVENTURE Travel Series and has a Christian Worldview.

Join the Gray family as they solve puzzling mysteries in many exciting countries of the world. Please note: This book is written from a Christian worldview.
Book 2, A Clash of Swords in Scotland, will be released in 2017.

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