Case of Adventure - Country-Themed Kids Activity Books

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is CASE OF ADVENTURE and how does it work?

We sell Country-Themed Kids Activity Books. In each book, your child meets a girl or boy from another country who acts as their tour guide. They read a story, visit all the major landmarks, do puzzles, crafts and projects and solve clues as they go. There are tons of bright colorful pages filled with fascinating facts and fun activities in each Adventure Activity Book.

PLUS: Bumper editions also have a mystery that is solved by the Gray children.

Q. How many pages are there in an Activity Book?

The new Adventure Series Activity Books are around 60 pages with a short story included. (e.g. New Zealand Adventure) The BUMPER editions (Singapore Adventure, Italy Adventure – coming next) are around 80 pages.

Q. How long to complete an Activity Book?

Our Activity Books are designed for a child to work through over a five day period.

Q. What bonuses do I get when I buy an Adventure Activity Book

With each printed edition you purchase, you receive two special bonuses!!

1, You will receive FREE DIGITAL COPIES OF the ACTIVITY PAGES to print for other children in your family.

2. Also included free is the Discovery Agent and Passport pack for printing, with the secret codes you will need for solving clues and other fun pages.

Q. How can I use this as a gift?

Want your kids to learn about the world, but can’t travel? ✈️ Give them an adventure in a faraway land, at home!

This makes a great gift for a child who wants to experience another country!

Let us know what message you would like in the gift and we’ll add it for you!

Q. Is shipping free?

Standard shipping is FREE within the continental United States and the United Kingdom.

Standard shipping takes 7-10 business days.

2-3 day shipping is just $3.

We only ship to the USA, Canada, the UK and EUROPE. If you live elsewhere, its best to order our products directly from

Q. What if I have more than one child, do I need to purchase two copies of the printed version?

If you would like your children to work completely independently of each other, it would be best to get two copies, but YOU GET THE PRINTABLE ACTIVITY PAGES FREE as a bonus when you buy the printed book – so you’ll be able to print the activities (20 pages) for other members of your family and simply pass the book around for reading and looking.

It is more fun for each kid to have their own book to read and complete, but not vital – your choice.

Q. How much printing will I need to do if I purchase the downloadable version of an Activity Book?

With our new Adventure Series i.e. Singapore Adventure, New Zealand Adventure, Italy Adventure, there will only be 20-30 activity pages to print per student. You read all the other pages on computer.

Destination Switzerland and Scotland have more to print.

Q. What is the recommended age for Activity Books?

Age 7-12 is best extending to 13 or 14.

Q. What is the “IDA pack” or the “Discovery Agent Pack” and where can I get it?

The International Discovery Agents pack contains all the secret codes for solving clues plus printable passport, etc. It comes free by email with all Adventure Activity Books.

You can order a printed version on amazon for $8 which has 2 passports, etc.

Q. What is ON THE CASE and where can I get it?

ON THE CASE is a news page for your kids to read which is sent out by email a couple of times a month. It’s a fun way for your kids to learn about the world through the eyes of an investigator! Sign up on home page of

Q. How do Destination Switzerland and Scotland work?

These are our older products and are different to the Adventure Series. Both are family-style homeschool activity books with teacher’s guides, based on a full chapter novel involving an adventure in Switzerland / Scotland.

Q. Are your books available from Amazon?

Yes, they are! Click here to see them.

Q. I purchased my book on Where do I get the Discovery Agent Pack and the Digital Activity Pages for extra children in my family?

Email us a photo of your book and we’ll send it you the packs free of charge.

Q. What other free stuff do you have?

We have FREE printable packs for Italy, Croatia, Madagascar, Romania, Scotland, Singapore, etc. plus a fun podcast episode on Countries for Kids!