A Clash of Swords in Scotland

A Clash of Swords in Scotland - CASE OF ADVENTURE


A Clash of Swords in Scotland 
– Book 2 in the CASE OF ADVENTURE Travel Series.

An old-fashioned villain in an ancient castle… brought down by a boy! Rome closed his eyes. He heard the clash of steel against steel and felt the jerk of his arm as it struggled to support the huge weight of the steel sword with its sharp gleaming blade. Crash! Rome staggered backwards almost knocked off his feet by the blow. He lifted his sword again to defend himself as the enemy’s horse reared up next to him. He knew the next blow would be fatal! It was now or never. Rome raised his sword and struck with all his might.

A Clash of Swords in Scotland is the next exciting travel mystery in the CASE OF ADVENTURE series. Ren, Rome, Jake, Libby and Tiffany accompany their parents to the wedding of the future Earl of Wemyss and end up searching for a missing piece of the Honours of Scotland.

Your children will learn about life and food in Scotland, the Loch Ness Monster, Jacobite uprisings, swords hidden in roofs, secrets of ancient Scotland, the Scottish castles and clan system and much more. They will travel around Scotland and experience it as if they were tourists!

Scotland for Kids - CASE OF ADVENTURE

Charlotte Mason and classical style homeschoolers, while I would never presume to be able to write a book comparable to those by the great living book writers of the past – with their wonderful language skills and ability to bring scenes to life in your mind, LIVING BOOK is still a good way to describe a book where you learn about a country through the experience of someone who has been there there.

Use this living book as a springboard for your students to delve into a study of Scotland – of its unique history, its cuisine, its animals and its countryside. Complete the mission clues at the end of each chapter and experience this wonderful country with your family as you read.

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