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Episode 4 – Singapore for Kids: A Day with Jake and Libby

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Welcome to another episode of the Countries For Kids PODCAST:  a Day in Singapore with Jake and Libby.

LOOK OUT FOR OUR SINGAPORE FOR KIDS ADVENTURE COMING SOON – The Trail of the Orchids in Singapore – 100 pages to learn about Singapore in the most fun way ever!

Listen to the podcast to hear Karyn telling a part of the story of Jake and Libby’s adventures in Singapore!

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Singapore for Kids – A day in Singapore with Jake and Libby!

Singapore for Kids - Case of Adventure .com


A day in Singapore with Jake and Liberty Gray

Singapore is a busy and prosperous city. Actually, it’s a city and a country! It is a large island close to Malaysia and is connected to the mainland of Asia with bridges. The name Singapore means “Lion City”. Singapore has 63 small islands around the large one.

Singapore is very clean and orderly – you will get fined for dropping any garbage! You’d have to pay $1000 singapore dollars for dropping one piece of paper!

They don’t even sell chewing gum in Singapore because they don’t want people spitting it out on the streets. You are only allowed to chew it, if its prescribed by your doctor.

Let’s join Jake and Libby on their adventure in Singapore. It was hot and muggy…


Singapore for Kids - Case of Adventure .com


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