Switzerland for Kids Program

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Experience the magic of Switzerland for Kids with:
*  an action-packed Children’s Travel Mystery Novel – Cuckoo Clock Secrets in Switzerland
*  the Destination Switzerland Activity Pack (Teachers Guide and Student Book)
*  the Destination Switzerland Lapbook

Both DOWNLOADABLE and PRINTED versions now available!!

You choose whether to just read the Adventure NOVEL, or to add the ACTIVITY PACK or LAPBOOK – or both!


Switzerland for Kids - CASE OF ADVENTURE

Cuckoo Clock Secrets in Switzerland
– Book 1 in the CASE OF ADVENTURE Travel Series.

“There was a cracking noise and the crumbling of mortar. Rome put his Swiss army knife to work and carefully ran it around the edge of the stone, scraping away the plaster. He signalled to Ren, who pulled harder. Suddenly the whole stone came away from the wall. Together, they slid it out and gazed at the gaping hole that was left behind.”

Travel with Serenity, Rome, Jake, Libby and Tiffany as they discover an ancient coin and a mystery connected with a cuckoo clock which takes them to the beautiful land of Switzerland. In their quest to solve the puzzle they unearth some fascinating history and recover a lost fortune!

This engaging living book touches on church history during the time of the reformation and takes its readers on a tour of Switzerland while solving the mystery of the Cuckoo Clock.

Use this book as a springboard for your students to delve into a study of Switzerland – of its unique history, its cuisine, its animals and its countryside. Complete the mission clues at the end of each chapter and experience this wonderful country with your family as you read.

Cuckoo Clock Secrets in Switzerland, is book 1 in the CASE OF ADVENTURE Travel Series and has a Christian Worldview.

Available as a paperback or kindle.




Switzerland for Kids - CASE OF ADVENTURE



Visit Switzerland from the comfort of your living room. Includes the Teachers Guide with lesson plans and visuals plus the Student Book with activities, and mission clues for Discovery Agents.

The Destination Switzerland Activity Pack contains 90 pages of printables, activities and a teacher’s guide with lesson plans to go with each the 12 chapters of the book (or buy the paperback version ready to use, no printing needed!)

There are videos and links from the web that are all accessed from one central place on the CASE OF ADVENTURE website that go along with each chapter of the book!

Your children will be able to mark your position on the Switzerland map using our Swiss map markers as you travel through Switzerland together, collect visa and passport stamps in their passports, get their Swiss Rail passes and bus tickets punched, make travel wallets and use their Swiss Francs to pay for food and museum visits, learn songs about Switzerland and help you cook up some Swiss cuisine. There are Europe maps, world maps, crossword puzzles, postcards to send and other fun activities included.

As International Discovery Agents, your children will choose code names, pin on their badges, make fingerprint cards, study the briefing pack and use secret codes, cipher wheels, morse code and the phonetic alphabet to solve clues and complete their mission!

Intended for ages 6-12 years but can be enjoyed by all ages.



Switzerland for Kids - CASE OF ADVENTURE



For students age 8 and up who love lapbooking, deepen your study of Switzerland with the Destination Switzerland lapbook! Print your own with the downloadable version or buy the pre-printed book to cut and build your lapbook easily.

With 20 mini books, this beautiful full-color lapbook covers everything from traditional Swiss food, cheese and chocolate to Heidi, William Tell, Einstein, the Matterhorn disaster, the climate and major Swiss cities. You will learn about the Swiss flag, the four languages spoken in Switzerland as well as Swiss traditional dress and musical instruments. One of the most exciting mini books covers Switzerland in World War II and helps your student learn about secret cannons and hidden bunkers.

The mini books use beautiful photos to give you a true picture of the country. Your child will have the option to use the text provided or to write their own and to work through the lapbook at their own pace. Suggestions are given as to which mini books to complete with each chapter of the book. There is a tutorial on this website which illustrates how to create and build the lapbook.